Ndeitunga warns against selling alcohol to minors

Bar owners accommodating under age children at their outlets may be reprimanded, arrested and charged or their places could be closed down through license suspension, said Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga.

In an interview with Nampa on Friday, Ndeitunga said during the holiday, Nampol together with City Police will start asking for identification documents for those suspected to be young and are at alcohol outlet.

Under age children of whom some are school going children are usually found at alcohol outlets during school holidays and Ndeitunga said the police will work hard to ensure that this is dealt with.

He said those selling alcohol to minors are will face a similar fate as those whose outlets are not licensed or associated with crimes.

There is a law about selling alcohol or drugs to under age children. Bar owners are not supposed to allow underage children to be at their places and they know it, he said.

Ndeitunga said the police will continue to work together with the children's parents and the entire community to ensure that underage children do not consume alcohol or drugs.

He said the police are already having a countrywide outreach programme, whereby the police are talking to the communities about the use of drugs and alcohol by the young generation.

He added that to deal with this effectively the police and community should continue working together.

This is not the police issue alone. It is an inter-responsibility of the police and the community, Ndeitunga said.

He further added that even minors who will be found at these places will also dealt with accordingly.

Source: Namibia Press Agency