NDP, CDP and NEFF call for economy indaba

WINDHOEK - National Democratic Party (NDP), Namibia Christian Democratic Party (CDP) and Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) are calling on the Namibian nation and stakeholders to hold a national conference to find out a lasting solution to the deteriorating economy.

Firstly, let us train our experts so that our minerals and all resources cannot be exported for polishing but rather be polished and processed in Namibia, says President of NDP, Martin Lukato Lukato. Lukato further calls for a limitation and stop to international trips by government officials.

To avoid the crisis Namibian has, Lukato also calls for a transparent tendering process. He addressed a media conference in the capital in the absences of the representatives of CDP and NEFF.

He said Namibian should not be compared to more powerful countries. We shouldn't do that because the countries in question are the same ones that colonised us, he stressed. They have taken away our resources to enrich themselves and to develop their nations at the expense of the poor, this should come to a standstill, he said. The NDP President also had things to say about foreigners in Namibia. We are calling on all foreigners, diplomacies and international organisations based here to inform them that we are aware of their misconducts, he said. They are not here for all Namibians as it was supposed to be, but they are here as agencies of the ruling party, leaving out the majority masses of Namibians including political parties without seats in parliament, he said. According to Lukato, he has called on international companies that don't have the best interest of Namibia to pack their bags and leave, this has to happen because they are busy chopping our resources.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia