Nearly 1 000 voters registered outside Namibia

WINDHOEK: The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has registered 972 voters in 29 countries outside Namibia since the voter registration process commenced some two weeks ago.

The ECN’s Director of Operations, Theo Mujoro announced this in a media statement issued on Wednesday in which he shared the provisional voter registration figures for the period 20 to 25 January 2014.

In 2009, the registration process took place in 23 countries abroad.

An additional six registration points were created in Cape Town and Pretoria in South Africa this year due to the large student populations there. Registration points were also established in Washington DC and New York in the United States of America because of the two embassies Namibia has in that country.

Additional registration points were established at Luanda, Ondjiva and Menongwe in Angola.

The most voters were registered in Cape Town (536), followed by China, Malaysia and Russia with 62, 51, and 32 voters registers respectively.

No Namibians registered in Egypt, whilst Nigeria and Japan registered the least voters – two and three people respectively.

In Angola, 18 people registered at Luanda; 23 people registered at Ondjiva; and five registered at Menongwe.

Sixteen people registered in Austria; 25 in Botswana; six in Brazil; 10 in Brussels in Belgium; three in Cuba; six in the Democratic Republic of Congo; nine in Ethiopia; eight in France; eight in Germany; 11 in India; 27 in Pretoria; and eight in Sweden.

Meanwhile in Switzerland, 15 voters were registered, while eight were registered in Tanzania; 17 in the United Kingdom; nine in Washington; 18 in New York; 11 in Zambia; and 25 in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the total number of eligible voters registered at the various registration points country-wide from 20 to 25 January now stands at 176 863.

The voters’ registration process will end on 02 March 2014, and the 2014 Presidential and National Assembly elections take place in November this year.