Nearly 40 000 registered in supplementary registration

WINDHOEK: The Director of the Electorial Commission of Namibia Proffessor Isaak said they have registered approximately 40 000, voters across the country for the Local Authority and Regional Council elections.

According to the media statement issued to Nampa yesterday, Isaak said, the supplementary election started on 5 August , and since than only 39461 voters have been registered.

Isaak said the registration of voters is going well, albeit it started at a slow pace which could be an indication that most of all elligible of voters in September 2014, nonetheless.

He urges all eligible voters who turned 18 years since the last Presidential and National Assembly Elections, citizens who have moved from one constituency to another to take up residence in new constituency, citizens whose voters cards have been lost, damage or destroyed as well as those who adopted new names, e.g. through marriage to go out to the nearest registration point in their constituency and register to vote.

“ The ECN will also afford the registered voters another chance to correct mistakes on their voters’ cards which might have been made during previous registrations, the supplementary registration ,” he said.

The registration points will close off at 19h00 on Saturday.