Nedbank spearheads green campaign

Pinehas Nakaziko-Various schools and orphanages around the country will benefit from the Nedbank internal tree planting drive campaign, which started planting trees at different schools and orphanages this month.

Nedbank Namibia spoesperson Selma Shipanga says caring for the environment is not a choice but a responsibility:

As a responsible corporate citizen, Nedbank Namibia staff across the country are taking the lead in caring for the environment through an internal tree planting drive, which is carried out through their branches countrywide.

The trees are being planted at strategically identified places within Namibian communities. The initiative is geared towards promoting environmental sustainability through the bank's Go Green Fund, which is a non-profit grant-making fund established to enhance conservation and the protection of important habitats and natural resources in Namibia.

When we say that we aspire to be a 'green and caring bank', we mean that in the sense that Nedbank Namibia will always endeavour to use our money expertise to do good for individuals, families, businesses and society. As a vision-led and values-driven organisation, this is what fuels and inspires us on a daily basis. Sustainable development is imperative if we want to preserve the finite resources of our world, and continue to address the developmental needs of the future, Shipanga noted.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia