Nekundi appointed SPYL acting secretary

WINDHOEK: The Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL) Central Committee (CC) meeting has endorsed the Deputy Secretary Veikko Nekundi as Acting Secretary in accordance with the SPYL constitution.

Nekundi replaced the former Swapo Party Youth League Secretary Elijah Ngurare who was expelled from the ruling party in July this year.

The SPYL CC also elected of its member Neville Andre Itope to the position of Secretary for Information, Publicity and Mobilization replacing the expelled member Job Amupanda.

Amupanda expelled from the youth league along with other SPYL members Dimbulukweni Nauyoma and George Kambala, who now lead the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement.

Addressing the media conference on Friday, Itope said the decision was taken during the SPYL CC meeting held in the capital on Thursday (27 August).

Itope stated that the SPYL CC has considered the alleged decision of suspending Nekundi as null and void, by virtue of the SPYL Constitution.

Nekundi was suspended during the SPYL’s extra-ordinary National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting which was held at the Kamutjonga Fisheries Institute in the Kavango West Region’s Mukwe Constituency on 18 July 2015.

He was suspended for allegedly causing infighting and division in the youth league.

Itope said the CC further resolved that both suspensions of Erongo Regional Secretary Laina Shapange and the regional secretary for information, publicity and mobilization, Manfred Kamwanga Likoro are null and void by virtue of the unconstitutional convened meeting.

He stressed thus, the CC has put a moratorium on the arbitrary suspension of SPYL members at all levels and any unbecoming behaviour in writing to the Secretary for Labor and Justice Paulus Mbangu.

The CC also called up on leaders at level to ensure that all decisions are made within the conformity of the SPYL constitution.

Itope said a committee was established to investigate the leadership challenges faced in the Erongo region which will be chaired by Clinton Swartbooi and other members are Felix Haingura, Josefat Hiwana and Thomas Indji.

The committee was tasked to complete the investigation within 14 days.

Itope added that the CC has expressed the need to restore the unity within the SPYL, thus all members are called to promote the interest of strong unity at every structure of the SPYL.

SPYL Secretary for Information, Publicity and Mobilisation noted that the CC has tasked the Acting Secretary to call for a NEC meeting within seven days and for the NEC to call for a CC within 21 days.

“Failure to that the CC has empowered the Acting Secretary to call for a Central Committee within the same time frame,” he said.

Itope stressed that the CC has resolved that no issue of the organization will be communicated outside the scope of the structure of the SPYL Constitution.

The CC further directed that all SPYL members and structures should respect and implement the decisions and directives of the mother body.

Itope said the CC has noted the need to establish the Election Strategies for the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority elections scheduled for November this year.

“We therefore, resolved that the Regional Secretaries submitted strategies that will be presented to the CC within 21 days for implementation,” he stressed.

Itope noted that the CC called upon all the party structures to accord a number of young people to serve on the Regional and Local Leadership in order to ensure direct championing and implementation of the Namibia Youth Agenda within the scope of the policies, programs and ideology of the Swapo-party.