New date for Standard Bank Super Cup

WINDHOEK: The maiden edition of the Standard Bank Super Cup has been moved to 27 September 2014 due to the ongoing appeal case involving African Stars Football Club.

It was originally billed to take place on 30 August at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in the capital.

The Cup is set to be contested between the Namibia Premier League (NPL) winner and the Bidvest Namibia Cup winner.

Black Africa FC won the Premiership, while African Stars scooped the Bidvest Namibia Cup this season.

It is a once-off match, where the winners will receive N.dollars 500 000 and the runners-up N.dollars 200 000.

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) said in a statement on Tuesday that the association and the title sponsors of the Cup, Standard Bank Namibia, decided to postpone the match.

African Stars were late last month suspended by the NPL for two seasons for allegedly bringing the game of football into disrepute after they took the League and the NFA to court regarding their eight-minute league match against Orlando Pirates.

The squabble which led to the court case emanates from the abandonment of a game between African Stars and Orlando Pirate after the lights at the Sam Nujoma Stadium went out on 16 April this year.

At the time, there were only eight minutes of play left on the clock, with Orlando Pirates leading by 2-0.

African Stars wanted to replay the entire 90 minutes and not just eight minutes as per the NFA rules, and applied to the High Court to have the end of the 2013/14 season delayed until their case is heard.

The High Court throughout the club’s application, and African Stars were then suspended by the NPL from all football activities for two years.

The club then appealed to the NFA against its suspension.

NFA Secretary-General Barry Rukoro was quoted in the statement as saying they (NFA) have to allow the due (appeal) process to take place.

“After the verdict of the appeal, we will then possibly have enough time to make sure we market the game well as it should be. We remain confident that this match will take place on 27 September with two worthy clubs contesting the Cup,” he said.

Meanwhile, the NFA Appeals Committee on Saturday heard augments from lawyers representing African Stars and its chairperson Sydney Martin and director Clint Dauti, as well as the NPL.

Martin and Dauti were also suspended from all local football activities for two years.

The verdict is expected to be delivered on 27 August.