New Director for logistics centre

Mr Neville Mbai, the new Director of the Namibia German Logistics Centre.The Namibian German Centre for Logistics (NGCL) has appointed a new Director for the organisation. Neville Mbai has worked for the logistics centre for the last four years as a Projects Manager and his background and experience made him the best candidate for this challenging position.
Speaking to the Economist the new Director noted, “I am excited. There are challenges ahead as with every new opportunity but I am looking forward to it.” Mr Mbai, speaking with a vibrant sense of pride and confidence, explained the direction that the NGCL will take under his tenure. “One of our aims is to continuously foster research in the field of logistics. We would like to take the research a step further by providing proper business modelling. This will allow our methods to be implemented within local companies as a way of ensuring that logistics research is also practically applicable with firms.”
Logistics and transportation is a very specialised field that requires both experience and professional knowledge. With a Masters Degree in Maritime Transport (International Shipping) and lots of experience at a regional and international level in the logistics sector, Mr Mbai stated that he is up to the task, saying “I was groomed to take over. I didn’t expect to take over quite yet but I am  up for the challenge. The NGCL has two main departments, Commercial and Research. I have worked in research in my capacity as a lecturer, assisting with the research papers and analysis involved in logistics but I was also head of the commercial department. This gives me that edge as I understand the requirements of raising funds for the NGCL.”