New Radio Control Dirt Track Launched

NEW life is being blown into the Radio Control Racing scene, with the launch of an all-new international standard Radio Control race track called the “Dirt Farm” taking place on Saturday 13 September.

Still situated at the original site of the SKW premises, the ‘Wheels for All’ team, who initiated and overhauled the new design world class mini dirt track, which cost in the region of N$200 000 to develop.

According to the PRO Ernest Thatcher, the SKW Off-road RC Club has been hard at work for the past two months building the new track, and they cannot wait to get the dirt on.

An official open ceremony will take place on Saturday morning, followed by the first opening race. This will be the first time any car will be tested and driven on the new surface before the flag drops.

The previous track was flattened and re-built with a new exciting layout on par with international standard.

The estimated distance of 450 metres mini track which has been widened, and lengthened adds more challenging jumps and bends for the cars to manoeuvre their way over.

“We are not just celebrating a new track but the announcement of the 2015 National Championship, “said Thatcher, adding that these are exciting times.

“We are also in the negotiation stages with South Africa for a cross boarder RC challenge between Johannesburg, Cape Town and Namibian RC competitors, and are hoping to get a field of at least 100 cars.

“But for now there is a growing interest amongst local guys, and the rush is on for people to get their hands on RC competition cars for Saturday, which means that we should have a good race turnout and lots of excitement.

An invitation has been extended to the public to come and join in the fun on Saturday, with drinks, snacks and free entry.

Source : New Era