New Service Station for Greenwell

THE Windhoek municipality has approved a new service station being built in the Greenwell Matongo settlement, which is only a stone’s throw from the Gammams Water Care Works – Windhoek’s largest wastewater treatment plant.

The service station will be at the corner of Eveline and Monica Streets, and construction is already underway.

Municipal spokesperson Joshua Amukugo said thorough investigations were done.

“Although the service station will be on top of our underground water or flowing lines, it will not affect our lines. There is also no way the service station would have been approved without a thorough investigation,” Amukugo said.

The deputy director at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Immanuel Nghishoongele, said they only provide licences to service stations after municipal approval.

“Our job is to issue the licences after all the necessary studies have been done,” Nghishoongele said.

Meanwhile, the owner of the service station- a lawyer by profession- Bradley Basson, said he waited for a year for the service station to be approved.

“I went through all the right channels and waited four months for the ministry of mines to approve my licence and waited even longer for the environmental studies to be completed,” Basson said.

The residents of Greenwell settlement have welcomed the idea of a service station, but when The Namibian approached Greenwell councillor Abisai Angula, he said he was not able to comment on the development.

“The service station has not been reported to the office of the councillor, either by the owner or the municipality. Thus, I cannot say if it’s a good thing or a bad thing for the area,” Angula said.

Source : The Namibian