Nghaamwa bemoans abandonment of capital projects

Governor of the Ohangwena Region, UskoNghaamwa said he is dismayed by some contractors who are abandoning capital projects or provide poor workmanship and substandard work in the regions.

Nghaamwa said this in a speech delivered on his behalf during the Ohangwena Region's state of the region address (SORA) at Eenhana here on Tuesday.

I am dismayed by some of the contractors whom we have been trying to empower but are unable to deliver as promised, stated Nghaamwa.

He singled out the Directorate of Education Regional Office at Eenhana and Onanghulo Clinic in the Ohangwena Constituency as some of the Ohangwena regional capital projects left by contractors unfinished.

These projects have drained government finances and continue to do so, especially the regional education offices, as the staff has been renting offices (at Eenhana) at a very high price, the governor noted, adding that it is not yet clear as to when construction on this project will resume.

Nghaamwa at the same time called upon entrepreneurs to measure their capacities rather than just go for any project coming their way.

According to him, government resources are limited and need to be jealously guarded by all patriotic Namibians as public resources should sustain the whole nation.

Projects that have been funded, Nghaamwa said, are mostly delayed by low commitment on the side of those trusted with the responsibilities.

Approached for comment, director of Ohangwena Education Directorate, IsakHamatwi said works on the education building in question are 24 per cent done despite the fact that its construction supposed to be completed this year.

Hamatwi indicated the project is not abandoned, but confirmed the contract between Ministry and Andjamba Construction has been terminated due to poor performance.

Construction could not resume as the Andjamba Construction is still contesting the termination of the contract and went for arbitration.

Source: Namibia Press Agency