Nghikembua advocates for synergies between institutions

Chief Executive Officer of Agribank, Sakaria Nghikembua said there is a need for the establishment of development partnerships between organisations and institutions, both in the public and private sector, as well as producers.

Nghikembua made the remarks at the launch of the Meatco night school for livestock farmers in Windhoek on Thursday, adding that partnerships if effectively implemented, can create synergies and deliver combined value greater than the sum of the values of individuals’ efforts.

“The agriculture sector faces unique challenges and opportunities that if accurately exploited, can lead to securing of livelihoods, fuelling economic growth and fostering human development in the country. Namibia’s production levels are not optimal, despite the country having the needed resources such as the people, land, water, markets and funding,” he said.

He added that this leads to a consumption gap resulting in the country importing basic foodstuff from other countries, most notably from South Africa in far too many quantities.

Nghikembua advised producers to move beyond subsistence: “We need to contribute to the prosperity of our country, and we need skills to make this happen. We need to put money and time into skilling, upskilling and re-skilling our producers. They need practical, real-life skills to up their game.”

The Meatco night classes and producers forum will offer farmers extension services, advising and teaching producers to align the quality of animals with their livestock production systems to revive the sector.

Agribank says it spends over N.dollars 8 million annually to support the delivery of training and mentorship interventions to producers.

Source: Namibia Press Agency