NHE supports MTC’s GBV project

Naftalie Amukwelele famously known as D-Naff promised to take down his opponent Luis Munana in the first round of their boxing match scheduled for the 12th October.

D-Naff made the remarks here on Wednesday at the official sponsorship handover ceremony of N.dollar 50 000 by the National Housing Enterprise (NHE) to Mobile Telecommunication Limited (MTC) for the MTC Knockout Project.

He noted that a lot of men are angry in society, some of the reasons he cited are that people are not talking to each other anymore, the absence of the old African tradition of sitting around the fire and absenteeism of fathers have let to some of these anger which has resulted in violence in men.

'Apart from you coming to see your favourite artists and celebrities punching each other on noses we also want to know we are very serious and we want you to stand with us and end this violence, this are your people, your future leaders and mothers.

I know that it is very difficult to be disappointed, talk to someone lets have a dialogue,' said D-Naff.

His part MTC's Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs, Tim Ekandjo said approaching NHE was a no brainer as they are in the business of building low-cost houses and you know that there is a lot of things happening in these houses we want these to become homes.

'Gender base violence normally happens behind closed doors where people can not see it so with you (NHE) participating we are trying to transform houses into homes where there are love and care,' said Ekandjo.

He added that although it is an MTC initiated project they want to make it a national project that is why they are inviting corporates to pledge an amount of N.dollar 50 000 which will go to like-minded institution.

Speaking at the same event, NHE Chief Executive Officer Gisbertus Mukulu noted that NHE cannot turn a 'blind eye to the escalating violence against women and children.

'The gender-based violence being reported in the media is happening at homes that NHE has passionately created through its mandate, that of providing housing to Namibians,' added Mukulu

Source: Namibia Press Agency