Nine-year-old boy allegedly rapes two girls

A nine year old boy from Ozondati Village in Omatjete district in Erongo region, is alleged to have raped two girls aged five and eight eight on Saturday evening in bushes while they were urinating.

A weekend crime report issued on Monday by Namibian Police Force public relations Edwin Kanguatjivi said, the boy alleged grabbed the eight year old first and had sexual acts with her by inserting his penis into her vagina in the presence of the other girl before he proceeded to have sexual acts with the second girl.

It is further alleged that the suspect was expelled from school due to his sexual behaviors towards other learners, and he is not yet arrested but the Police will continue investigating the case further.

In a different case, a man was arrested after he confessed to the Police that he has been conducting himself inappropriately by having sexual intercourse with an eight years old victim about a month ago.

He allegedly told the police that the victim is his brothers' child and that the victim developed sexual transmitted diseases which prompted him to have a guilty conscious and decided to hand himself over to the police.

At Oniiyagaya village in Oshikoto Region, a 31 years old male was arrested on Friday for allegedly raping a seven years old girl after he lured her in his bedroom to watch videos on his phone. The is a domestic worker at the victim's house and police continues with investigations.

Source: Namibia Press Agency