‘No battle is won without a fight, let’s work together’: |KhoweseGaob

Newly coronatedGaob of the |Khopesen Traditional Authority Hendrik Ismael Witbooi said there is a common understanding that no battle is won without a fight, therefore the |Khopese Clan need to work together and stand firmly against forces of division.

He made the remarks after he was installed as the Gaob of the |Khopesen, succeeding late former Deputy Minister Reverend Hendrik Witbooi who was the leader of the |Khopese since 1978 until his death in 2009.

He urged the clan to unite as falsehood is endemic and want to divide the |Khopese from within.

Our people, especially the elders are used to cause division and I, as the Gaob of the clan call on you to refuse to listen to those who tell you that you don't have customs. I was in recess for 9 years, because I held my horses patiently for a resolve on the leadership dispute, Witbooi noted.

The |Khopese were without a Gaob after the community's acting chief, Christiaan Rooi, died in 2015.

A bid to stop the coronation of Ismael failed after an application by former High Commissioner Salomon Josephat Witbooi, who is a member of the Witbooi royal house, Anna Jacobs, who is his mother, fellow royal house members, Elizabeth Kock and Christina Fredricks, and the spokesperson of the Witbooi royal family, Reverend PeniasTopnaar for an interdict to prevent the ceremony from going ahead.

The judge who presided over the matter, Thomas Masuku ordered that an application for an interdict to prevent the ceremony from going ahead should be struck off the court roll, since it did not pass the test to be heard as an urgent case.

Gaob Witbooi further said that it will be a challenging task to unify the clan, but that he will die try dying.

We will engage God and we will pray until we stand united against all evils. The time has arrived that we must reroute our negative energies to fight positively as a collective for the betterment of the Clan, he added.

He called on the clan to dissolve their aggression as it mean that other people would not have to walk on egg shells around them, worried that they might say something offending.

Gaob Witbooi also said that disputes within the clan should stop as their prayers have been answered.

Allow me to humbly plea to you not to forget, but forgive the beaten painful timeline that led to a dirty infighting, but the process echoes the importance of the |Khopese customs, he concluded.

He thanked the Government of the Republic of Namibia for honouring the customs of the clan and also recognizing the |Khopese customary law, which is the guiding document.

Source: Namibia Press Agency