No more GBV, and no more blood-shed: Pohamba

WINDHOEK: Those who perpetrate gender-based violence (GBV) will receive harsh punishment by the criminal justice system and severe condemnation by the whole nation.

President Hifikepunye Pohamba made this statement here on Thursday during the National Day of Prayer on GBV, saying there should be no more killings of Namibian women and girls and rape.

“Today, we have taken an important step forward as a nation. We shall not look back and we shall not relent,” he told the thousands of people who filled the Sam Nujoma football stadium in Katutura and those who viewed the ceremony at home via a live television broadcast.

The president called on the Namibian people to continue building a peaceful and stable country.

“We should continue to build a stable, secure, safe and democratic Namibia, so that every citizen can enjoy the fruits of our independence. Our women and girls deserve protection in their homes, communities and country,” he stressed.

He said the government will not allow criminal-minded individuals to disturb the country’s peace, stability and social harmony.

“We shall continue to work together as a nation to root out the evil of GBV from our society,” said Pohamba.

The head of state then called on academics, researchers and experts from all disciplines to conduct studies and research which will help the nation understand the cause of the recent upsurge of violence against women by men, and deal with the matter effectively.

He also encouraged the nation to engage in open public discussions that are aimed at addressing the issue.

“Such information can be used as a basis for further policy interventions and also to assist our society to find ways and means of redirecting our men from the path of violence and the ugly scenes of blood shed that we have seen in recent months, weeks and days,” he said.

Pohamba applauded everyone for praying together against GBV.

“Our social fabric has been torn apart by these barbaric crimes. Namibia needs healing. I wish to commend the nation for coming together on this special day to stand in unity and to speak with one voice that gender-based violence has no place in our society,” he said.