NPL postpones BoG meeting indefinitely

The Namibia Premier League (NPL) Executive Committee has indefinitely postponed their Board of Governors meeting which was scheduled for Monday in Windhoek till further notice.

In an email sent to the clubs by the chairman of the league Patrick Kauta on Sunday morning, the NPL says the postponement is necessitated by events beyond our control, which we hope should be finalised by Tuesday.

The Chief Executive Officer of the NPL Harald Fuller confirmed the postponement saying, unfortunately, they will not be able to share the reasons as to why they are postponing the meeting.

There is nothing we can say at the moment. There are things happening tomorrow regarding the matter which I am not privy to. We will only be able to talk about these after tomorrow, he said.

He added that confidentiality and sensitivity of the matter do not allow them to talk about the matter.

The BoG was supposed to meet to discuss the recent suspension of the NPL by the Normalisation Committee (NC) at the Namibia Football Association (NFA).

The normalisation committee resolved to suspend the NPL last Tuesday, saying the league had persistently and continuously disregarded and violated directives issued by the NFA.

The suspension is effective from Wednesday (02 October) and is enforced under the NFA Statutes cited in Article 14. 1 which reads The Executive Committee may, however, suspend a member or a member of a member that seriously violated its obligations as a member with immediate effect. The suspension shall last until the next congress unless the Executive Committee has lifted it in the meantime.

The NPL and NFA have been on a collision course since the end of the 2018/19 MTC NPL season which saw the Civics and Orlando Pirates football clubs being relegated, while Young African was expelled from the league for fraudulently registering a player.

The NPL vowed to play with 13 teams, instead of 16, while the Normalisation Committee/NFA ordered the NPL to accept the two relegated teams while awaiting Young African's appeal of the expulsion.