Nudo holds electoral college

The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) has concluded its electoral college, an exercise which sees any political party select its 96 candidates for the National Assembly.

The event, which was described by UtjiuaMuinjangue, then party's president as a resounding success took place at the Ramatex complex in Windhoek on Saturday.

In an interview with this agency late Saturday, Muinjangue it is now all systems go for Nudo.

It [electoral college] was beyond our expectations. The most important thing is that it took place and we finalised our list so we are just waiting for Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to say political parties must start submitting their list, an elated Muinjangue said.

On whether or not she was satisfied with those who made it to the list in terms of competency, age and other demographics such as gender parity, Muinjangue said: It's not a question whether I am happy or not. But it is the participants that made the decision. Nudo is a democratic party and that's why you have the electoral college. Otherwise, I could have sat at my house and compiled the list myself but we had the electoral college and the membership spoke and selected the right candidates to go to parliament.

Apart from the top three positions that were already taken up prior to the exercise, the remaining 93 were up for grabs.

In the top five, we have two women and three men. That is a good start. I don't know what you by young or old because even in the top 10 we have three or four women. The list is diverse. I know people always say Nudo is a tribal party [an Ovaherero party] but I know that we have people from other communities, she said.

Further, Muinjangue said the party's manifesto for this year's election is nearing completion.

We are moving towards finalising it. We have a skeleton (a draft) and we are about to finalise it because we want to launch it during the cause of this month, she said.

The manifesto is expected to convince Namibians that Nudo and Muinjangue are the right party and candidate to be entrusted with the governance of the country beyond 21 March 2020, Muinjangue who could delve deeper into its contents said.

Nudo's top 10 candidates for the National Assembly seats are:

1. UtjiuaMuinjangue

2. Joseph Kauandenge

3. Peter Kazongominja

4. UahimisaKaapehi

5. VetondisaTjijenda

6. KapukatuaKuvare

7. Vincent Kahua

8. Wilson Katjita

9. KavendjiiTjahuha

10. FanuelHaukambe

Source: Namibia Press Agency