Nudo Wins Otjinene Election

The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) has won the Otjinene local authority election.

Nudo won three seats on the new village council, while the Swapo Party came in a close second with two seats.

DTA of Namibia and Swanu of Namibia failed to make the quota for the allocation of seats.

A total number of 1,430 votes were cast in the local authority election. Nudo received 720 votes, while Swapo claimed 520 votes. The DTA and Swanu only managed 124 and 46 votes, respectively.

The votes required for a single seat were 286, which is the total number of votes cast divided by the number of vacant seats to be filled.

According to the party list for the Otjinene local authority election, the following candidates will head the new village council: Ruth Venaani Katjatenja (Nudo), Alfeus Kauta (Nudo), Festus Toromba (Nudo), Azaria Tjingaete (Swapo) and Batseba Kamuhenune (Swapo).

The Returning Officer for the Otjinene Local Authority election, Elsie Kandjii, declared the election as having been free, fair and credible.

The election, which was necessitated by Otjinene’s proclamation as a village in 2011, was conducted at five designated polling stations.

A total of 1 973 voters had registered to cast their votes.


Source : The Namibian