Nujoma Condemns Passion Killings

Outapi — Father of the Namibian Nation Dr Sam Nujoma has called on Namibian men to refrain from the senseless killing of women. “Our women should walk freely 24 hours in an independent Namibia without fearing for their lives. You do not touch a woman. Tell your sons to stop killing our mothers,” thundered Nujoma.

Nujoma who was speaking at the International Boxing Bonanza Gala Dinner aimed at raising funds for the upcoming fight between Namibia’s Paulus “The Hitman” Moses and Argentine’s Christian Rafael Cario at Outapi on Saturday, voiced poignantly against the escalating murdering of women at the hands of their partners whom they claimed to love.

Nujoma warned that the “murderers” are provoking the state and that their murderous tantrums would no longer be tolerated any longer.

“We want peace! Let’s not provoke a situation that we will not be able to handle. Let’s use the peace and stability that we enjoy today to develop our country, Namibia is a rich country,” he said.

The founding president said it’s about time that gender-based violence comes to a halt and allow peace, stability and development to lead the nation to Vision 2030.

He further called on parents to spend more money on their children’s education and training to avoid being caught up abusing alcohol which has the potential to lead them to commit such gruesome murders.

Nujoma’s call came shortly after the horrific axing of Helena Shivute at Etilyasa village in Omusati Region last week as well as the recent ghastly murder of a Motswana lady who was stabbed nine times by her boyfriend at the flats of Paulinium Theological College in Pioneers Park on Saturday.