Nujoma pays tribute to late Mugabe

The Founding President Sam Nujoma paid tribute to the late former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, during the memorial service in Harare on Saturday.

Mugabe passed away on 06 September 2019 at the age of 95 and buried on Saturday in Harare.

In his tribute speech, Nujoma said he was saddened and grieved with a deep sense of sorrow by the news of the passing on of President Robert Mugabe stating that he come to join the huge gathering of all progressive people around the world, to mourn and to celebrate the life of a fellow freedom fighter, a fearless revolutionary leader of his time.

Nujoma stated that the late President Mugabe after pursuing decolonisation, he emphasised land reform and land redistribution for his people and contributed to the mental emancipation of Africans as he spoke about the need for a collective approach of all Africans to unite for a common good under the principles of solidarity, unity and freedom for Africa.

He added that under Mugabe's Presidency, there was a massive expansion in education and health development in Zimbabwe, adding that the adult literacy scored one of the best records in Africa and Zimbabweans were the most educated in the Continent.

He thus befittingly deserves the title of the Hero of the Republic of Zimbabwe, he said.

As we lay him to rest, allow me on behalf of the Veterans of Namibia's Liberation Struggle, the Nujoma family and indeed on my own behalf, to express our sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved Mugabe family and the entire people of Zimbabwe for the loss of a true Pan-Africanist, a fearless freedom fighter of our time, an eloquent and articulate Statesman, my dear brother, the Late Former President and Hero of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Robert Gabriel Mugabe. It is my wish that we may all be consoled and granted fortitude during this difficult time of mourning, said the Founding President.

Mugabe became Zimbabwe's second president in 1987, succeeding Canaan Banana, who held the position from 1980.

Source: Namibia Press Agency