NWR Miles to open this holiday season

With the holiday season fast approaching a number of Namibians and visitors from other countries will be taking a long-deserved break and possibly travelling to the coast with the aim of spending the festive season there. It is for this reason that Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) has confirmed that it has undertaken to rehabilitate Jakkalsputz, Mile 72 and Mile 108 to start welcoming guests from the beginning of December.

After the renovations, guests can expect a revitalised product offering at the Miles as well as Jakkalsputz. To make it affordable, visitors can expect to pay N$50 per person and N$120 per campsite. The chalets at the Miles will cost N$500 per unit and will accommodate a maximum of two people.

I am quite delighted that the Miles and Jakkalsputz have returned and will now be managed by NWR. At the same time, it's pleasing to note that the additional accommodation will complement our coastal offering provided by Terrace Bay and Torra Bay.

Terrace Bay is open throughout the year and Torra Bay opens from the beginning of December up until the end of January. I must also mention that Jakkalsputz will remain open throughout the year while the Miles will open during our major holidays, said Zelna Hengari, NWR's managing director.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia