Offbeat – 01 February 2013


Whatever happened to the business of hobbies? When last did you hear the word, and what are they nowadays? I mean, do you get stamp collectors now and, given the whole thing of e-mail, from where do they get their stamps?

Remember those guys who used to collect stamps. They were always a mystery to me. I got a stamp album once and a packet of stamps. I put the stamps into their special flaps, but nothing happened. There was no sense of satisfaction. That was my first attempt at a hobby.
I considered other things. Collecting butterflies didn’t appeal. The idea of sticking needles through the things horrified me. What could they have done to deserve that? I spent a couple of semesters going to drawing and design classes. It didn’t stick at the time. Eventually I discovered beer. That lasted for more than a decade, but didn’t do any good for me.