Offbeat – 11 January 2013

Imagine a very important business decision taken when the entire company, from the cleaner to the CEO, is totally twatted, completely confident that it can all be done, and the boardroom curtains are on fire. That could shape the future of the company, but probably not in the way that the Board of Directors expects.

Picture this: an average guy in blue jeans and a white shirt, head thrown back, howling at the sky. The smell of alcohol wafts around him. There is some kind of demented euphoria in his eyes as he leaps forward to hug you. It’s obvious his joy has overcome him, and all you can do is hope he doesn’t have a contagious disease. Happy New Year!
He’s a fairly average reveler, inoculated against reality with brandy and sparkling wine. Judging by his reaction to the passing of the year and the arrival of the new one, the last one must have been hell.
The spirit of the thing does not move me, except to sidestep and get out of the way of the happy guy, like yesterday. I’m not really keen on his take on things, but I’ll forgive him. The hangover will dampen his ardour and act as karma.