Offbeat – 21 June 2013

I wanted my child to have a prosperous future. Unfortunately now, it seems, I will have to settle for a future that is survivable.

I wanted to write something about Gobabis, but it won’t come. It makes me sound like a stuck record. It makes me feel depressed. There’s always some barracks lawyer in the wings waiting to mess everything up. “No, the group areas act was never a way of getting around the Christian principle of  love, or at least acknowledge and respect, your neighbour.”
Let’s get grim in a different way instead.
I saw ‘After Earth’ this weekend, a Father’s Day outing. I didn’t know it was an M. Knight Shyamalan film. I didn’t know he directed, so I just watched it and enjoyed it as a sci-fi romp with space ships, gadgets and strange creatures. Critics have to earn their keep so they disliked it. I suspect they want Shyamalan to make ‘The Sixth Sense’ again.