Offbeat – 22 February 2013



I want to be happy and complacent again. I don’t want to think that I and my daughter and my friends who are women are sharing the planet with men who are so clearly unable to control themselves.

By the time you read this, you should have noticed a lot of women wearing mini-skirts and possibly one or two men wearing shorts. I hope you don’t (or didn’t) stare to hard.
I am not a big fan of anger. It doesn’t improve things. It’s the soot on a white wall, that just won’t go away or the disease on a plant that you know, just know, is going to kill it. It’s the stubborn grease on the bottom of the pan in which you roast the chicken. I’m usually able to avoid it. I center myself, breath, have a cigarette and head outdoors.
The whole thing with the mini-skirts is well documented. According to the logic of the thing, if a woman shows up anywhere in a short skirt, she invites rape. That logic is well documented by both sides of the debate.