Offbeat – 25 January 2013



In terms of ‘winning is everything’, everyone who does not win becomes an ‘also ran’ or a ‘loser’. If ‘winning is everything’ then ‘how you played the game’ is an artificial add-on at best. Lance Armstrong’s doping showed the chasm between the two ideas.

The whole thing with Lance Armstrong should begin to fizzle out round about now. He should be out of the news round about June, thank Heavens. Personally, I can’t stand the whole thing. Where there’s smoke, there’s inevitably fire, so why did it take so long for the whole thing to reach this point?
There’s a second question which needs asking? Why was he so important. Bicycle races are fine for cyclists and they were almost great when I was a kid, but there’s not much more to it than that. Did it really have to take top spot on news spots over tragedies like whoever is getting their blood shed in the Middle East? That’s the thing that has been occupying a small part of my mind for the last few days.
I think I have some answers, but they might not be pleasing.