Offbeat – 28 March 2013


Makeup is an aesthetic that requires the canvass of the right face. Most ideas about how to use makeup seem to come from fashion magazines. In fact, I suspect, it’s only fashion magazines, because there is a shortage of items on the topic in magazines about industrial equipment and finances.

Sometimes, I get stuck for ideas for these columns, usually because I have a lot of other stuff going through my mind, or because all my thoughts are inappropriate to the moment. When it happens, I hit a random noun generator on the web, which is kind of cool. I scan down the list of words and see if something lights up my mind.
Today, I found the word ‘makeup’, which seems kind of cool. Let’s see where it goes.
I think… I am glad that the Eighties are over. Makeup was all the rage for male youth then. There were kids who wore it, and they looked ineffably cool. Of course they also had the clothing and the hairstyles. Even here, in this small town, they managed somehow to look good to my adolescent eyes.