Offbeat – 31 May 2013


Sometimes bureaucracy gets so out of hand that the sight of an unruly plant is enough to shut down the brains of minor functionaries in search of awards and advancement for being overzealous in a lobotomised kind of way.

My mind has been occupied with vegetables and fruit for the last couple of weeks. It’s one of those confluences of events and people that becomes noticeable if you sit back and think about things. Call it synchronicity if you will. I might as well riff on it now, before it goes away.
There’s a site Facebook which always fascinates me. The title sums it up perfectly. It’s called ‘Grow Food, Not Lawns’. Those of you who remember the terrifying droughts of the late Seventies and early Eighties, and the sure knowledge that in four days the water was going to run out, will understand why the title resonates. Lawns are awful things. Better a patch of unmanaged dust than a waste of water.
It looks like we’re back in those years again. The press cites the droughts of the early Eighties by comparison. Next year could be interesting times if the rain doesn’t show up. Sure, a shower uses less water than a bath, but a half full bucket or a basin uses even less water than a shower.