Office bearers must be trusted by community members: Geingob

There is need for government office bearers to be transparency and accountable to the community members in order for them to trust the government, preached President HageGeingob while on his first stop of a countrywide tour on Thursday.

In Africa (and) in the world today, politicians are not trusted more and more so for something (like) they are not transparent, honest, they are stealing and are corrupt; and therefore, they are not trusted, Geingobemphasised.

Addressing a packed school hall, the Head of State went on to urge members of the Gobabis community to identify those ministers and leaders that are corrupt and dishonest with the specific actions that they have committed.

I am here because I want to hear your problems and for you to hold me accountable, therefore speak up now he urged.

He noted that in difficult times with current drought and economic situation it is important for Namibians to lift up their heads, hold hands and have faith in order to pull through the situation.

Also, Geingobemphasised on rooting out tribalism and racism because he wants to build a stealthy nation with a steady foundation with trust and transparency as well as inclusivity of all races and ethnicities.

The purpose of the countrywide tour will be to directly engage with all inhabitants of the various regions at grassroot levels to listen to their concerns and challenges in particular the drought situation, wellbeing and collectively seeks solutions as well as provide feedback on the issues raised since the last visit on September 2015.

The president was accompanied by ministers, deputy ministers and executive directors.

Source: Namibia Press Agency