Okakoko villagers receive IDs

A group of San community members from Okakoko village on the outskirts of Omuthiya who have been without national documents for years got their national documents on Monday from Home Affairs and Immigration.

New Era visited the destitute families that are living under pitiable conditions and who could not have access to social grants without the required IDs.

Kaarina Shigwedha, 97, and Juuso Simon, 77, are in the group of San that were fingerprinted and photographed in 2010 to enable them to obtain IDs but each time they went to Home Affairs they came back empty handed as the ministry said their IDs had not yet been processed.

But when New Era enquired from the senior administrative officer Taimi Nenkavu on Monday she promised to speed up the matter.

I haven't been aware about the situation, but I promise tomorrow (Tuesday) I will sort everything out, she stated on Monday.

Now since Monday the group has been issued with IDs and other national documents. A newborn baby delivered at a hospital without any documents, because its mother did not have any, was also provided with a birth certificate.

Nenkavu told New Era that she has ironed out the entire problems regarding national documents among undocumented San from the village.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia