Old Mutual empowers educators with Transformational Leadership Certification

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The Old Mutual Foundation has announced that it has completed the Old Mutual School Transformation Leadership Programme in collaboration with the African Leadership Institute (ALI) and the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

The programme aims to empower education leaders, specifically principals and department heads, to become transformational leaders in their respective schools and communities.

Since its inception, the programme has empowered over 500 principals and department heads across the 14 regions at a cost of N.dollars 5.3 million.

Sixty-three students graduated with a Certificate in Transformational Leadership (CTL) from ALI last month, 10 of whom benefited from the Old Mutual School Transformation Leadership Programme.

Old Mutual’s Manager of Communications, Mufaro Nesongano, told Nampa on Thursday he admires the graduating class of 2022 for persevering through rigorous training.

“We each bear the responsibility of passing on the mantle and ensuring we teach, raise, and help a child,” Nesongano said.

He stated that the Old Mutual Foundation will continue to strengthen community initiatives through the foundation’s framework, which includes education and skills development, community initiatives, and financial well-being initiatives.

One of the programme’s beneficiaries, Roger Katjivikua who is the principal of Okakarara Secondary School, stated that the CTL course has given him the ability to see beyond people’s capabilities and limitations, as well as the ability to “encourage, inspire, and motivate people to move from Point A to Point B, where Point B is a better place.”

“Thanks to CTL, I am now more aware of my team’s transformational needs at work. I help them by involving them in decision-making and encouraging them to be as creative and innovative as possible,” Katjivikua said.

Another beneficiary, Foibe Nghishongwa from Eenhana, stated that what she learned has transformed her into a focused and visionary leader.

The training for the Certificate in Transformational Leadership course began near the end of May 2022, after Old Mutual agreed to a three-year partnership agreement worth N.dollars 300 000.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency