Olufuko Festival Kicks Off

The Olufuko Festival kicked off yesterday at Outapi.

The seven-day event started with a welcoming ceremony which included traditional dances and the introduction of 82 maidens. This was done after the chief of Ombalantu, Oswin Mukulu, lit the ritual fire on Tuesday and welcomed the young brides to the traditional homestead for the show.

The brides, who must remain inside the traditional huts most of the day, were later allowed to leave their common area, led by their elders to the traditional mahangu pounding location called oshinii in Oshiwambo to produce omahangu flour for their families.

Apart from the ceremony, exhibitors from various towns and villages exhibit their products, while entertainment is being provided by popular traditional acts such as Kaimbi Mundjele, Ngwedha ya Shikongo and Omadhiya.

The official ceremony – initiation day – for the Olufuko takes place on Friday, after the official opening by President Hifikepunye Pohamba, with former President Sam Nujoma in attendance.

Chief Mukulu expressed his excitement with this year’s festival, saying the number of brides, who will be initiated on Friday, had increased since last year.

Source : The Namibian