Omaheke protest against corruption

About 50 inhabitants of the Omaheke Region on Wednesday staged a peaceful demonstration to express their disappointment in the alleged corrupt practices at the regional council, self-enrichment of officials and lack of development for the Omaheke community.

The protesters marched from the Epako community hall and proceeded to the Omaheke Regional Council offices where they handed over a petition detailing their concerns to the councillor of the Okorukambe Constituency, Raphael Mokaleng, before continuing to the Office of the Omaheke Governor where the same petition was delivered.

In their petition read by the group representative Kejamuina Mungendje, the group demanded that the regional council provide answers on N.dollars 61 million from their coffers that was reportedly unaccounted for after an audit done in 2017 by Auditor-General, Junias Kandjeke.

The group claimed that they already handed over a petition to the council on 29 May this year over the missing millions but no response was received to date.

'The missing millions were meant for much needed services and development of the communities in the region,' reads the petition.

Source: Namibia Press Agency