Omaheke to rally behind youth at Electoral College

GOBABIS: The Omaheke Region will be rooting for a young leadership on the Swapo-Party’s parliamentary list during the party’s elective conference known as the Electoral College, or simply the ‘pot’.

The Electoral College takes place in Windhoek from 29 to 31 August this year.

Omaheke Regional Governor Festus Ueitele said his region has agreed as a matter of principle that all young people who will land in the ‘pot’ to contend for a place on the party list, will enjoy the support of the whole region.

He made the remarks on Monday when he addressed young people attending a leaders’ training workshop as part of the National Youth Council (NYC)’s Youth Leadership Development Programme.

Urging young people to live an exemplary life by refraining from the excessive intake of alcohol and dependence-inducing substances, Ueitele said young people have enormous potential to lead, if taken seriously.

“People used to say you are the leaders of tomorrow, but that tomorrow is today. There is no other tomorrow than the present moment.

This is your time to lead the second phase of our struggle – that of economic independence. Take charge of your life, and be an exemplary leader,” he said.

Ueitele noted that the residents here have put their faith in a younger legion of leaders by electing Philipus Katamelo as Gobabis Constituency Councillor, making him the youngest regional councillor in the country.

Gobabis mayor Sila Bezuidenhoudt is also the youngest serving mayor of any local authority in the country, while the chairperson of the Omaheke Regional Council, Ignatius Kariseb, is the youngest person currently holding such a position.

Ueitele himself is the country’s second-youngest person serving in that capacity after //Karas governor, Bernadus Swartbooi.

“Given the young leaders who are placed at the helm of our region, we have no doubt that a young leadership will do well for the party,” he continued.

This will, however, only be achieved if young people take life head-on and become proactive individuals who are ready to take on challenges.

“You have to take charge now and prove yourself worthy of the task, or else our elders will never have enough trust in us to lead them,” the governor stressed.