Ondangwa hosts career exhibition

More than 1,500 grade 10 and 12 learners from the northern part of the country are expected to attend the first ever Career Guidance and Exhibition at the Oluno Community Hall in Ondangwa, Oshana Region this Friday and Saturday.

Northern schools such as Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, Nangolo, Iihenda, Etambo, Olukolo and Ondangwa have been invited to attend the career exhibition, including schoolchildren from the SOS Village Orphanage.

Chairperson of the career exhibitions, Ester Sakaria, says the aim is to create awareness among learners on various career opportunities, and help them make informed choices when furthering their studies. We believe that correct choices at tertiary level would lead to the production of market-oriented graduates, says Sakaria.

She adds that it is certain that if individuals and different stakeholders in the community assist and give support toward education in any way it will encourage and significantly improve the performance of learners in their examinations.

This career fair will also motivate the teachers and does not exclude other open-minded children and parents who wish to participate, she says.

More than 10 organisations and institutions have been invited to provide learners with further insights during the exhibition.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia