Ondonga chief to appear in court

Ondangwa-Ondonga chief Immanuel Kauluma Elifas is expected to appear in the Oshakati High Court to validate the thumb stamp signature on several documents that saw the dismissal of eight traditional councillors

Enlightening a fully packed Oluno Hall at Ondangwa on Saturday on the status of the cases launched against Elifas, the defence lawyer of the axed traditional councillor, Elize Angula, from AngulaCo firm, said the expulsion of her clients was unlawful and un-procedural and hence holds no water.

Angula questioned the existence of a certificate which authenticates such stamp and informed the meeting that another case is expected to be filed in court this week to prevent such stamp and signature to be finalised, until the court has pronounced itself on the matter.

Angula further questioned how an established, recognised authority such as Ondonga communicates such vital decisions taken, through social media, adding that her clients have been receiving information through Whatsapp messages.

We want the king himself in court � they have taken the king to court so that he can come and talk because he is unseen at the palace, said Angula.

Angula said as it stands, her clients are traditional councillors.

She distanced herself from rumours that her clients are defying the chief's expulsion orders but instead want to reaffirm how councillors are dismissed by traditional law and the act in place.

One of the cases before court is to grant unrestricted access to the king and to prevent his wife Secilia Elifas from interfering in Ondonga Traditional Authority matters.

Angula said while their case is only likely to be heard next year, she encouraged her clients to remain firm and not be discouraged.

Meanwhile, the axed traditional councillors launched a third case in the Oshakati High Court earlier this month to prevent the new eight councillors from being gazetted.

The application further calls on the Ondonga Traditional Authority not to pursue the suspension and dismissal of the applicants and as such their being replaced pending the finalisation of the matter in court.

However, their application, which was filed in the Oshakati High Court on August 11, comes almost three weeks after the new traditional councillors have been sworn in and assumed their duties.

The application was filed by Josef Asino, Vilho Kamanya, Peter Kauluma, Kashona Malulu, Fillemon Nambili and John Walenga.

The group is also asking King Elifas to set aside their suspension and conduct a disciplinary hearing in their absence.

It also wants Elifas to review and set aside the decisions to replace the axed councillors, hence direct the axed councillors to be reinstated immediately.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia