Onus on state doctors to know right dosage

GOBABIS: Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Bernhard Haufiku has called on members of the public to report the ill conduct of doctors and nurses at State facilities.

Haufiku said nurses and doctors are paid to deliver a service as public servants and are not doing anyone a favour by attending to patients.

The Health Minister made the remarks here on Monday during a community meeting as part of President Hage Geingob’s familiarisation visit to the Omaheke Region.

Haufiku was responding to concerns raised during the meeting on the alleged bad conduct of health practitioners when attending to patients.

Concerns of the minister also centred on apparent weak diagnoses of State doctors, who allegedly prescribe Panado for every ailment.

Panado is a brand name of a medical drug, which mainly contains Paracetamol – a mild painkiller found in almost every over-the-counter medication for influenza and pain.