Operation Kalahari Desert to continue until crime is suppressed

Khomas Regional Commander, Commissioner Joseph Shikongo mentioned that the purpose of the Kalahari operation is to ensure safety of the people, at the Katutura community Hall meeting held by the Katutura Central Constituency counselor.

At the meeting Shikongo, said that the police are present in the community and every area of Windhoek to protect lives and serve people with pride and dignity.

The Kalahari Operation is there to prevent crime and promote a good relationship with the community and the Security Services, Shikongo said.

Inspector Filemon Tjitekuru said the crime statistics in Katutura Central Constituency during the period of the festive season included housebreaking, theft, robbery dealing with drugs and one murder case that was reported at the end of December 2019.

Even though there have been reports on members of the operation assaulting community members, Shikongo said that such members should be reported.

According to the Defence Act of 2002 (Act no1 of 2002) the defense force has to assist civil authority, which the police, Shikongo said.

Operation Kalahari is a joint operation between The Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Namibian Defense Force (NDF), Namibian Correctional Service (NCS), Windhoek Municipality Police Service and other stakeholders.

Source: Namibia Press Agency