Oshaango man allegedly kills ex-girfriend, ex-girlfriend’s sister before committing suicide

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Ohangwena Region confirmed a 29-year-old man committed suicide at Ehenge village in the Oshaango area after killing his ex-girlfriend and a sister-in-law on Friday.

Confirming the incident, spokesperson of NamPol in the region, Warrant Officer Kaume Iitumba told Nampa on Saturday that the killing occurred around 15h30 while the two women were walking in the field towards the Oshaango-Eenhana main road.

The deceased suspect, Iitumba said, found the women in the field and attacked them. He first attacked his former girlfriend, with whom he has two children, chopped her with a panga several times and later slit her throat after she fell to the ground, Iitumba narrated.

According to Iitumba, the deceased suspect later chased his sister-in-law, grabbed her and chopped her also with the same panga several times and slit her throat and went to hang himself with a wire in a tree not far from the scene.

Iitumba identified the deceased sisters as Ndamononghenda Tateoshoati Nafuka, 23, and 32-year-old Martha Nafuka, all from Oshaango village.

The deceased suspect is named as Samuel Venondubo Enghono from Onandete village, also in the Oshaango area.

It is said the deceased suspect and his girlfriend have been in a just started abusive relationship, Iitumba cited.

Source: Namibia Press Agency