Otjinene Empowerment Initiative launched

The Otjinene Youth Empowerment Project got off the ground yesterday in the Otjinene village during its launch at an event, which also embraced youths from other constituencies in the Omaheke Region.

The project is the initiative of the Otjinene Constituency Councillor Erwin Katjizeu, who since his election to the office in 2015 has been working towards youth empowerment. He has in this regard embarked upon several measures such as vocational training, coaching and counselling. The constituency office is striving towards harnessing youth expertise towards their holistic empowerment, engaging and involving all stakeholders currently engaged with youths in the constituency.

The proposed projects through which youth empowerment is envisaged include farm labour, wire repair, event management and the injection of animals. A steering committee comprising members of the Constituency Development Committee (CDC) and two out of school youths shall be driving the empowerment initiative. This committee shall oversee the implementation of the empowerment initiative according to policies set by a seven-member board. The project is envisaged to have four major departments, namely, Administration, Finance, Programmes and Public Relations.

The direct target of the project is the youths of the Otjinene Constituency, mainly those perceived as a burden and non-productive. The project, to be known as the Otjinene Youth Empowerment Initiative, has selected 50 most marginalised and vulnerable group of youths within Otjinene to develop them into productive and empowered citizens. The project will need about N$200,000.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia