Otjinoko win President Tournament’s netball trophy

Otjinoko won the netball category of the Otjinene's president tournament at the Khomasdal Stadium in the capital on Sunday.

The fifth edition of the President competition started on Friday 20 September, wit0 netball teams and 19 football teams.

Amongst others, Otjiuana defeated Ozombovire 27-18 in the first netball semi-final, while Otjinoko beat Fine Young Stars 26-17 in the second semi-final.

Otjinoko then went on to win the final, defeating Otjiuana 22-14 to scoop the N.dollars 2 500 prize money and 12 gold medals to be crowned champions.

Otjiuana received N.dollars 1 500 and 12 silver medals as runners up, while Ozombovire and Fine Young Stars each took home N.dollars 750 as losing semi-finalists.

Competition organiser Tjivikara Kamenje said the football matches will continue at Khomasdal Stadium this weekend, with the final expected on Sunday.

We had 19 football teams competing thus forced us to move the finals to the next weekend, he said.

Among football matches played, Okazapamba defeated Otjinoko 1-0 in the first quarter-final whereas Black Beauty overcame Otjikutu 5-4 on penalties after one all draw.

In other quarter-finals, Ozombovire defeated Ehungiro Swallows 1-0 while Okauua Rovers overcame Ozombuzovindimba 8-7 after one all draw.

The next weekend fixtures will see Okazapamba locking horns with Black Beauty in the first semi-final.

This will be followed by Ozombovire up against Okauua Rovers.

The competition is named after the Otjinene Sport and Culture Association's President Pasanapehe Kauta.

Source: Namibia Press Agency