Otjozondjupa Swapo allegedly divided by regional conference

The Swapo-Party's Otjozondjupa regional conference which took place on Wednesday night to the early hours of Thursday morning at a local hotel in Otjiwarongo is said to have caused a deep division now in the regional party.

Internal sources who asked for anonymity as they are prominent leaders in the party here told Nampa on Thursday that the Otjozondjupa Regional conference has caused a deep division between the regional coordinator and other candidates who contested in the elections as candidatures to the electoral college.

At the electoral college in Windhoek over the weekend, it is where these candidates would have to compete with others to appear on the list of the National Assembly (NA).

The six candidates - three men and three women who contested for the two regional political candidatures to the electoral college are Kaino David, Regina Alugodhi, Maria de Conceicao Lourence, Patrick Xoagub, Erickson Nenghwenya and James Uerikua.

Uerikua won the male contest with 30 votes out of 47, followed by Nenghwenya with 12, and Xoagub six votes.

Alugodhi also won the female race with 26 votes, followed by Lourence, 11, and David 10 votes.

According to the internal sources who were present at the conference, the Otjozondjupa Regional Coordinator, Susan Hikopua's allegedly had favoured Nenghwenya on the male list and David on the female contest.

Allegedly this angered other candidates and Hikopua suffered a terrible headache which made her dizzy that she had to be taken to the Otjiwarongo State Hospital while the conference was still running.

I did not participate in the actual elections because I had to be taken to the hospital where I was treated briefly before the doctor released me, said Hikopua on Thursday in an interview with this news agency at the Swapo-Party office in Otjiwarongo.

When asked what caused the headache, Hikopua replied that it was caused by stress as she had allegedly just returned from Tsumkwe shortly before the regional conference.

She however ruled out any internal division in the party, saying her delegation will on Friday travel unitedly to Windhoek for the electoral college.

Chairperson of political national leaders assigned to Otjozondjupa, Mukwaita Shanyengana on his part on Thursday said the election here was free and fair.

The conference went as we planned it, he said adding that a total of 48 delegates to regional conference attended, but later the regional coordinator fell ill during the conference and was taken to the hospital which brought the figure of attendees to 47.

He also said that four other party members were elected at the conference as delegates to the electoral college over the weekend in the capital.

The delegates from Otjozondjupa to the electoral Swapo-Party college are Martha Kandiwapa Mwandingi-Simeon, Theresia Kukenge, Moses Hikopua and Bethuel Tjaveondja.

Source: Namibia Press Agency