Our vote only adds to masses: Mix residents

Given no clean water, electricity nor ablution facilities, clinics and schools; Mix Settlement inhabitants said their votes only add to the numbers needed to win elections.

In an interview with Nampa here on Friday, resentful residents of Mix Settlement which is 10 kilometres north of Windhoek said their vote brings no change as they have not seen any change since government took over the land.

The Namibian government proclaimed the previously private-owned land as Mix Settlement six years ago where hundreds of people live.

One such resident, 24-year-old Jutha Johannes said prior to elections political parties come around with campaign tactics of promises and favours, however since the last elections they still do not have basic services.

Our kids are on the streets because there is no school and with the odd jobs parents cannot afford transport money which is N.dollars 500 per month, Johannes cried.

Another resident, LoniaTuluwali, 40, concurred saying Mix Settlement is not forgotten during elections as registration points are setup and accessible to them but the opposite applies when it comes to development of the area.

People are in queues registering for voters' cards as it is their right to vote with a sense of hope that things will change but, in most cases, it is not, an irate Tuluwali said.

Namibia will hold its seventh Presidential and National Assembly elections on 27 November.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has setup their two week long supplementary voters' registration point for Mix Settlement residents to receive a new or reapply for their voters' cards.

Speaking to Nampa on Friday, ECN Mix Settlement registration point team leader Judge Musupi said over 400 inhabitants have registered of which only 50 were young people and the rest were mostly 50 years and older.

Mostly the registered were duplicates of cards due to lost cards while those 50 cards were newly issued to the youth members, Musupi said.

The registration started on 08 July and ended on 20 July.

Source: Namibia Press Agency