Outlook for Southern African energy sector looks positive, says Mines and Energy Minister

WINDHOEK: Mines and Energy Minister Isak Katali says there are positive prospects on the horizon for the country’s energy sector despite the current serious energy challenges facing Namibia.

He said the outlook for the energy sector, also in the entire Southern African region, looks positive in light of the various proposed projects that are on the cards.

Katali was speaking at a one-day conference held here last week to discuss the challenges of energy security in Namibia and Southern Africa.

He said there are projects like the Kudu Gas to Power project, the Baynes hydropower project and many others in Southern Africa which will have the capacity to generate excess electricity if they materialise. Another project of significant magnitude is the Fuel Storage and Offloading Jetty facility, which is to be constructed in Walvis Bay.

This fuel storage project, according to Katali, is strategic in that it will ensure that the country is able to store sufficient fuel stock for a longer period of time, and it may also serve as a regional hub of fuel storage for land locked countries such as Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

He however noted that Namibia’s local electricity generating sources such as the Ruacana hydropower plant, the Van Eck coal power plant, Anixas and Paratus in Walvis Bay and the Tsumkwe hybrid do not have the capacity to generate electricity for the country’s total requirements, especially during the dry seasons.