OvaHerero Chiefs’ Council to discuss election of new chief

OKAHANDJA: The OvaHerero Chiefs’ Council is expected to hold a meeting later this week to discuss the election of a new chief for this community in Namibia.

The secretary of the OvaHerero Traditional Authority (OTA), Jonathan Katjimune told Nampa at Okahandja on Sunday that the OTA Council will only meet after Wednesday to decide on this election.

This follows the death of the acting chief of the OvaHerero community and acting chief of the OTA, Fanuel Tumbee Tjombe at the Windhoek Central Hospital on 31 July.

Tjombe was 68, and initially went to hospital after a long illness.

He was laid to rest at Okahandja on Sunday.

“We will mourn the death of the late Tjombe until this coming Wednesday, and the Council will thereafter sit to decide on a new chief,” Katjimune explained.

He was appointed acting chief after OvaHerero Paramount Chief Kuaima Riruako passed away in June this year.

The late Chief Tjombe was appointed the acting Paramount Chief of the OvaHerero at an OvaHerero Chiefs’ Council meeting held on Farm Omusorakoumba outside Okahandja from 14 to 18 August.