OvaHerero issue ultimatum to German government

OTJINENE: Ovaherero leader, Chief Vekuii Rukoro on Saturday issued ultimatums to the German government, as the Ovaherero step up efforts to have their demands for reparation by the German government heard.

Issuing what he termed as a ‘Resistance Order’, Rukoro said the Ovaherero will launch a program of actions against German interests across the world to make people aware of German’s refusal to heed to the call for reparation.

Rukoro made the remarks during a media conference here on Saturday.

The media conference was symbolically held under one of the prominent trees in the area from which Ovaherero people who got captured by the German colonial troops were hanged.

The tree is known as Ngauzepo, Otjiherero for ‘ it should be removed’, in reference to the tree and its history.

Rukoro said the Ovaherero will take the cause for liberation to different regional and international organizations who would assist them, as a means of making the world realize their suffering at the hands of German colonial forces.

Such bodies, Riruako said, include the Southern African Development Community ( SADC ), African Union (AU) and the United Nations ( UN ).

Describing the German government’s stand on the reparation demands as being arrogance and neo-imperialistic tendencies, Rukoro said the Ovaherero will never give up the fight for reparation, but will soldier on with their demands.

‘In response to such neo-imperialistic war being imposed on us as an pressed people our people have resolved to fight for their dignity as Africans with all legitimate means at their disposal until final victory is achieved in the form of restorative justice becoming a reality – however long it takes.

Rukoro had over a year ago called on German government to engage the Ovaherero directly on the issue of the 1904-1908 Genocide, or risk unspecified action by the Ovaherero.

He had marked 02 October 2015 as due date for such talks with the German government, failure of which he will announce a new position of the Ovaherero on the issue – hence Saturday’s media conference.

Utjiua Muinjangue of the Ovaherero Genocide Committee, various chiefs and traditional councilor were amongst those present during the media conference.