Ovaherero should work together with other tribes: Kambazembi

Chief Sam Kambazembi of the Kambazembi Royal House in Okahandja called on fellow Ovaherero people to work hand in hand with other tribes in order to build unity within between Namibian tribes.

Speaking here at the Red Flag (Otjiserandu) commemoration on Sunday, Kambazembi said it is not a mistake that Ovaherero are living in Namibia with other tribes.

It is not by accident that we are living in Namibia with each other but a blessing for Ovaherero people, he said.

He said the Ovaherero people should be patient and learn to live with other tirbes, adding that the Ovaherero should not separate themselves from other Namibian tribes although they are not part of them.

He said the independence the country is enjoying is the only independence for all not Namibians and no other independence is coming for Ovaheroro people.

He added that if there are misunderstandings between tribes that the tribe leaders should come together and find a common solution to the problem.

if we differs at some point, our leaders should come together and see a common destiny for our followers, said Kambazembi.

The Red flag commemoration is annual event for the Ovaherero people aimed at paying tribute to the fallen heroes and heroines of the Ovaherero people.

This year's event has seen attendance of Ovaherero people from all corners of Namibia including the Ovaherero living in Botswana and South Africa.

Source: Namibia Press Agency