Ovambanderu Women’s Council elects leadership

The Ovambanderu Women’s Council elected its executives leadership at its inaugural congress held in Gobabis, in the Omaheke Region on Saturday.

The Congress was hoisted under the theme; ‘Organising the women to build the Ovambanderu community’.

In a statement availed to Nampa on Monday, Ngaupue Hengari, who was the interim leader of the council, was elected as a Secretary General and will be deputised by veteran teacher, Siska Kaenda.

The administration of the council will be headed by Milka Tjatindi, who will be assisted by Eerike Karuuombe as deputy administration officer.

Joyce Mbingana was elected as a Finance Secretary, while Tjonovee Tjizera took the Public Relations Officer position of the council.

Jacky Muundjua and Rachel Tjijenda will be heading the council’s organiser and logistics positions respectively.

Tjiveta Tjitaura scooped the internal audit portfolio, whereas Justine Katjinaani is the project coordinator.

The statement further added that the deputy positions for the last six portfolios will be elected at a later stage, as well as those of the constituency level leadership.

Source: Namibia Press Agency