Over 38,000 flavoured cigarettes removed from market

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At least 38, 600 flavoured cigarettes have been withdrawn from the market over the last few days in central Huambo province, the National Economic Inspection and Food Security Authority (ANIESA) has announced.

The measure follows the Executive Decree number 151-22, of 11 March, on the technical regulation that prohibits cigarette manufacturers from using ingredients (aromas and flavours) that make the product more harmful to human health.

In addition to withdrawal of cigarettes, the retailers were clarified on harm caused by the consumption of such products, according to the institution’s local coordinator, Inocência Figueiredo.

Inocência Figueiredo, who was speaking on Friday, said the deadline for the withdrawal of the flavored cigarettes has been extended to further six months, due to the high number of requests for their destruction, clarification, moratoria and other concerns of the operators.

After the end of this period, the ANIESA official said that the institution in Huambo will do its utmost to ensure and enforce the law to protect the lives of the citizens.

The first communication from ANIESA about the withdrawal of the flavored cigarettes and aromas was released in April, a date when the producers had up to 30 days to get rid of the products

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)